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  • MonkeyWrench Books 110 North Loop Boulevard East Austin, TX, 78751 United States (map)
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We are all fashioning ourselves out of dust. Collecting memories and new experiences, expanding. The older we get, the more solitary our lives become. And at the same time we are learning so much about the world and our relationship to it. Part of the wonder of school is the community it fosters, THE WOMANIST READ IN seeks to continue that tradition of learning in a Consciousness Raising group for Women and queer folks. We are often living at the margins and it can be difficult to form communities or even find affirming communities. WOMANIST READ IN we are all working toward a common goal: Revolution, Radicalization, Conjuring a community. 

Using out of print/used/new womanist/feminist texts, paperbacks, etc, we will learn from the past and construct a new future. These are blueprints, many not online making them otherwise inaccessible. We have been programmed to spend a lot of time on our phones, and stringing together 60 consecutive minutes of reading time is hard when you’re always moving to the next shift or job. But what if the point of showing up WAS to dedicate 1 hour to reading a revolutionary text with your friends? How can we expand together? 

THE WOMANIST READ IN is designed to frame reading time with social time while imagining a future where
1. Access to revolutionary texts is the norm
2. Learning continues to be a group activity after formal schooling ends. 

Put simply: 
Participants pick a book from the 100+ book mobile library, read for 45 minutes to an hour, and spend an hour discussing what they read with the rest of the room. Each discussion is unique, makeup of the room determines direction of the conversation. There are also children’s books available, access to childcare is an economic justice issue and therefore a Reproductive Justice issue. Not being able to access child-care affects a woman’s ability to learn and grow.

*Woman is used here to refer to all women. Cis and Trans, etc women are all welcome in this space. We are not TERF’s and acknowledge the womanhood of all women. Period.

We will be holding space to create the women's movement we need, by being our Radical Selves...together.

Wear comfy clothing, we will be sitting LOW!

Earlier Event: June 1
Later Event: August 2